September 13, 2011

Innovation In The World Today Is Between "Dire Straits And Dead"

The people at the Tech-site TechCrunch currently have an event called Disrupt. The event features many different new companies and different speakers.
Yesterday, they invited Peter Thiel and Max Levchin to talk about innovation. Peter Thiel and Max Levchin are famous for creating the company PayPal. Peter Thiel later invested in Facebook and Max Levchin created Slite which he sold to Google.
The theme of their talk at TechCrunch was that innovation in the world today is actually “between dire straights and dead”. They want to wake up the average American, to the depressing state of deep innovation in the USA. But this is also a global problem - not just an American one.
The problem is that companies are solving small problems, creating features, and few are addressing the world-changing, hard problems. Examples of past world-changing problems are flying to the moon or inventing the first car.

“What’s desperately needed in our society is companies that represent genuine progress, not just frantic change from one fashion to another”

Source: TechCrunch