January 29, 2012

How do I get rich now - the unusual ways?

Bill Gates once said that it is overrated to be a billionaire. It is easy for him to say so, a billion on the account is probably something no one would say no to. But the first step to your first billion is to have a million on your account. Here are some unusual ways people got a million, or more, on their account:
  1. Wear a T-shirt. Jason Sadler got the idea to see if companies would pay him money to wear a T-shirt. It worked and he made $83,000 the first year. He has now hired employees who each wear a T-shirt as well, and Jason Sadler is now making millions.
  2. Create a Website and sell each pixel for $1. Alex Tew did this and sold 1 million pixels at:  milliondollarhomepage.com. Someone has copied this concept to make a billion dollar, you can watch the attempt here: billiondollarhomepageonline.com.   
  3. Register a domain name and sell it. Chris Clark registered pizza.com in 1994 and sold it years later for $2.6 million.
  4. Catch a ball at a baseball and sell it. Phil Ozersky was lucky enough to catch a ball and managed to sell it for $3 million.
  5. Buy a fake copy of something antique, find out it is not a fake copy, and sell it as the real thing. Michael Sparks bought a fake copy of the Declaration of Independence and found out that the copy was not a fake one.   
  6. Get a job at the next big thing. Charlie Ayers found himself a job at a tiny company which developed a new search engine with the name Google. He made $26 million from stock options he received when he got the job.
  7. Create a book without any words in it. Cindy Cashman did this and created the empty book: "Everything men know about women". That book has sold over a million copies.