May 3, 2012

Are you happy now Peter Thiel? Technological progress is here!

In the earlier post, Peter Thiel has a solution to the global crisis, Peter Thiel was asking the world for more technological progress. He said:
"What's desperately needed in our society is companies that represent genuine progress, not just frantic change from one fashion to another."
Well, here are 3 companies with a mission to do just that:

RYNO motors

No-one has probably missed those Segways that were supposed to revolutionize the way we travel. You might see one or two of them in your city, but the concept as a whole never took off. The problem was that they were too expensive to purchase for the individual, and the way you travel on them is a little bit uncommon. We are not used to stand up when traveling - we prefer to sit down. The company RYNO motors has a better concept - a Segway looking like a motor bike - but with one wheel only.

The RYNO bike should work better compared with the Segway because it's less expensive ($4,500), it's more natural to sit down while going somewhere, and it's also a little bit cooler since it looks like a motor bike while the Segway looks like a hand truck.

Planetary Resources

The goal of the company Planetary Resources is to mine asteroids for commodities. It sounds like a joke from April fools day, but this is the real deal. Some of the members of the company are the movie maker James Cameron, and the Google founder Larry Page. From one asteroid, they could make as much as $20 trillion.


The mission of Inscentinel is to train bees into fighting terrorism. The bees are going to detect explosives and drugs. I'm not really sure, but hopefully these bees can also be trained to detect landmines.