August 25, 2012

Rare documentary about the trader Paul Tudor Jones

Trader: The Paul Tudor Jones Documentary from Value Veterans on Vimeo.

Just found this rare documentary about the trader Paul Tudor Jones. This documentary has been circulating around the Internet before, but it has often disappeared after a while. The rumor says that it is Paul Tudor Jones himself who would like it to disappear. It could also be a false rumor - to make the documentary more popular when it's available again. If you haven't heard about Paul Tudor Jones before, you can read this summary about him and the methodology he is using to trade: Paul Tudor Jones - Losers Average Losers.

Paul Tudor Jones is still in business, he has not yet retired. He is currently 57 years old, has been trading since 1976, and is currently worth $3 billion - so who said that you can't make money when trading? Peter Borish, who you can see in the documentary, has left the company to pursue other adventures.

Update: The documentary has been removed yet again! It's really strange, the documentary doesn't discredit Paul Tudor Jones in any way, and it's also quite old so I can't see how the "owners" of the documentary loses money if it's available for free on the Internet. They should upload it to YouTube and make money from the ads. I didn't upload it anyway, so let's hope it will be available for free in the future!

Source: Insider Monkey, Bloomberg, Bloomberg