November 5, 2012

How to find great investment opportunities

As you've probably noticed by now, I'm a big fan of the investor Peter Lynch, and the investment style he's using to find great stocks. The essence of that style is common sense. For example, if you like eating at McDonald's, then you should take a look if you should invest in the McDonald's stock. This may sound easy, but it's very difficult to remember to always be looking for new investment opportunities.
One stock that was almost obvious as a great investment opportunity was Apple's stock. I missed the opportunity myself, and in hindsight, I can clearly recall how many people began buying those white iPods with those white headphones, but I never connected that to that I should invest in the Apple stock. Even though I was late into buying Apple products, I bought my first Apple product in 2008, and it was an iPod Shuffle. Did I take this second chance to invest in the Apple stock? No I didn't, even though I had read a book about Peter Lynch in 2007 and was actively looking for new investment opportunities.
I'm in good company since Peter Lynch also missed to invest in the Apple stock, even though his daughters began buying Apple products as early as 2001. Lynch's daughter recalled that:
"I was the right age and loved music. My father was 'wow, this is a really interesting product. He was late to the game, while I was really big on this iPod. He was like, 'oh, it's a piece of technology,' so he waited on that one."   
To never again miss a stock like Apple, you should ask yourself questions like:
  • What are you wearing?
  • What do you eat?
  • How did you travel on vacation?
  • Where do you exercise?
  • What are you watching on television?
  • Which car are you driving?
  • Where do you work?
  • Which products are you using while working?
You should also try to search for the companies "behind" the products you like. If you like eating at McDonald's, which company is producing the ketchup? Which company is producing the batteries for all those iPads?

Source: DailyFinance