October 26, 2013

An interview with Jack Schwager - author of the Market Wizards book series

Jack Schwager is the author behind the popular books series called Market Wizards. In each book, he interviews several top traders. They are not all traders as in day-traders, some of them are long-term investors, so if you are not a trader, you will also learn something new. 

The first book in the series, Market Wizards, was written more than 20 years ago. It includes interviews with 17 famous and not so famous traders, including one who has specialized in psychology. You will find out why Paul Tudor Jones thinks "Losers Average Losers," an interview with Ed Seykota who realized an 250,000 percent return on his account over 16 years, and why Michael Steinhardt can trade without using charts. Each book in the series covers different traders, and the other books are:

I have only read the first and second book in the series, so I can't judge the last two. But the first two books were so good that you should read them at least once a year to not forget what's written in them.