November 21, 2013

An interview with Dave Morin

Dave Morin (his twitter) is the co-founder and CEO of Path - a private messaging service where you can share photos, videos, and music. This interview is from 2013.

Lessons learned
  • After college, Dave Morin worked with marketing at Apple for 3.5 years. What he learned was that when you do a new product launch, only launch one version of it with the same configuration. People will now talk about the same product. A company like Dell might launch several versions with different colors of the same product. After the launch, you can launch more versions. Another thing he learned from Apple was "the rule of threes." It says that every product you launch and every presentation you do is best in threes. The iPhone is an iPod, a mobile phone, and an Internet communicator.
  • Dave Morin joined Facebook when they had just 100 employees and 5 million users. At Facebook, he began to love mobile and he realized that mobile will become bigger than computer. Facebook didn't have a mobile team at the moment, so Dave Morin realized that he wanted to found his own company with a focus on a mobile oriented social network. 
  • We are currently in the DOS-era of social networking since online social networks are only 10 years old. 

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