November 23, 2013

An interview with David Copperfield

David Copperfield (his twitter) is one of the most famous magicians, but how does magic connect with entrepreneurship? Find out in this interview from 2013.

Lessons learned
  • His career as a magician began when he was very young and he came up with his own tricks. He also wanted to be a great story teller, like Orson Welles and Frank Sinatra, so he decided to combine the two disciplines: magic + storytelling. But his parents didn't encourage him to pursue a career as a magician, but their negative thoughts inspired him to work even harder.
  • To succeed, you have to combine what you are good at with what you can learn from other sources.  
  • You have to "brush yourself off" and keep going because you will make mistakes and the world will criticize you. 
  • It was interesting to hear that David Copperfield always had a backup method to perform a trick if someone revealed the secrets behind his tricks on the Internet. He can now show on stage how the guy on the Internet is wrong. 
  • David Copperfield is happy when he can see how his customers are enjoying the show, then it doesn't feel like work. Coming up with new magic illusions is actually similar to creating a new company - you have to test a lot but when you find the solution, it's really rewarding. It's also important to beta test the magic tricks.  

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