November 21, 2013

An interview with Hosain Rahman

Hosain Rahman (his twitter) is the CEO and founder of Jawbone. They make products that amplify life in the form of human-centered wearable technology and audio devices. The interview is from 2013.

Lessons learned
  • Hosain Rahman is one of the few entrepreneurs in this series who's building physical products. He said that it has become easier and easier for a startup to find someone in Asia to build their ideas, but when he started it wasn't so easy. But they were not afraid of being copied because their products was so complicated. 
  • It's a lot more complicated to make a physical products because you need a larger team, it's much harder to iterate, and you have to make sure you can sell the final product for a profit. You will need at least 50 people to build a headset.
  • Just because you have built an expensive products doesn't mean you have to ship the product if you are not satisfied with it. You may not want to redo it and it will be a difficult decision, but if you have enough passion about the problem you want to solve, you know you have to redesign the product. This is true for both hardware and software. 
  • Hardware and apps are actually quite similar to each other. Apps are harder than web because people can uninstall them, so it's much more difficult to iterate.

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