November 24, 2013

An interview with Matt Galligan

Matt Galligan (his twitter) is the CEO and founder of Circa. Circa's editors gather the top news and break each story down into its essential points: facts, quotes, photos, maps, and more. This interview is from 2013.

Lessons learned
  • You build a startup to solve a problem and you should sell that startup for the amount of money it takes you to never worry about this problem again. 
  • Matt Galligan are solving problems with his startups - none of the three companies he has founded had anything to do with each other. 
  • He asked himself why he didn't read real news anymore? He realized he used to read news, but after the introduction of the smartphone, he stopped doing it because the articles were too long. 
  • The problem with articles is that you can't follow the story as it develops. But with Circa, the summaries of the articles evolve as the story evolves. If you follow a story with the help of traditional articles, you tend to read the same thing over and over again.   
  • Always focus on the main problem - ask yourself if a new feature improves the solution to the problem. 

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