November 17, 2013

An interview with Matt Rogers

Matt Rogers (his twitter) was an engineer at the original iPhone team and is now the co-founder of Nest. The goal of the company is to take the unloved products in your home and make them simple and beautiful. This interview is from 2012. They have since the video was filmed developed a smoke alarm. 

Lessons learned
  • How do you make a thermostat cool? Energy is wasted each year because of old and "stupid" thermostats, so Nest made them good looking and "smart." The new thermostat is connected to the Internet, you can control it with your smartphone, and they've used algorithms to make it learn from your household's behavior.
  • When they searched for beta testers for the thermostat, they made sure to only find people who were not interested in technology. They could now find out if someone who where not a technologist could use the product and they didn't have to worry about someone stealing the idea.
  • The reason to why Nest decided to manufacture the thermostat in Asia is because the manufacturing infrastructure doesn't exist in the US. If you are developing a physical product, try to talk to manufacturers as early as possible.  

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