November 20, 2013

An interview with Melody McCloskey

Melody McCloskey (her twitter) is the founder of StyleSeat where you can find and book beauty and wellness professionals near you. The interview is from 2012. 

Lessons learned
  • Melody McCloskey used to hate everything she learned in school but realized that building software was the most interesting she she had ever done. You should find the feeling at work when "you can work until 3 and feel like the world is limitless."  
  • She always knew she wanted to start a company - but she didn't know if she could.
  • StyleSeat was founded by Melody McCloskey because she needed the product herself. But it was an uphill battle since investors and developers were not that interested in beauty and wellness.
  • If you start a company, you have to be obsessed by the idea, don't care if the idea fails, and it shouldn't feel like work.   
  • If you know you are not going to sell your company - then don't waste your time with those who want to buy your company. 

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