November 17, 2013

An interview with Om Malik

Om Malik (his twitter) is the founder of GigaOM - one of the most popular tech sites. This video is from 2012.

Lessons learned
  • Om Malik became interested in the Internet as early as 1991 and he felt it would become big. In 1993, he moved from India to New York to work for an Indian newspaper. 
  • During three years, he tried to get into the tech industry, and he was rejected each time. But each time he was rejected, he became more determined to prove them wrong. One of his first projects was DesiParty - an events site for Indian emigrants. He also had an idea to start an newspaper with content based on how Internet was behaving by using Google's API. 
  • He loves writing and he has never thought of it as a job. He gets excited when learning something new, he can go up at 4 AM to check if something new has happened, and he really likes the positive attitude in the tech industry. 
  • Om Malik worked for print media but he was frustrated that print media couldn't respond quickly to news from the tech industry. And he saw how his blog got more attention compare with the articles in print. In 2006, GigaOm became his full-time project. 
  • Try to not make decisions based on money - make decisions based on love. 

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