November 23, 2013

An interview with Phil Libin

Phil Libin (his twitter) is the CEO of Evernote. This interview is from 2013.

Lessons learned
  • At age 16, his first entrepreneurial endeavor was a company similar to Dell, he sold his shares in the company and earned $500. Phil Libin then went on to study computer science but dropped out.
  • The first two companies co-founded by Phil Libin were not making products he wanted to use himself. After selling those two companies, he now wanted to build a company he himself would need.
  • "The 100 year startup." When building a company, Phil Libin has a 100 year plan.
  • Evernote began because the founders needed an "external brain."
  • Evernote is happy if a 3rd party developer builds a better product than they have - they want their user to experience the best. They may give up short-term revenues in form of ads and data mining, but they have realized that users who use 3rd party apps are 7 times more profitable than the users who use only Evernote's apps. 
  • Running a startup is more art than warfare, more music than boxing.

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