November 14, 2013

An interview with Philip Rosedale - Part 2

Philip Rosedale (his blog and his Twitter) is the Founder and former CEO of the online virtual world Second Life (325 employees at the peak). This is Foundation's second interview with Philip Rosedale (You can find the first here) and it's from 2011.

Lessons learned
  • His office/cafe called "workclub" is now ready. It's a coffee shop intended for mainly mobile workers.
  • Part of the idea is to organize it in a way so you can pay with tasks. If you teach a special skill to someone, he may donate to your account so you can stay at the cafe. 
  • He's a fan of digital currencies like Bitcoin. It was interesting to hear that Kevin Rose lost Bitcoins worth $70 when he uninstalled his computer. If I'm correct and if he hadn't lost them, they would today in 2013 be worth at least $16000.

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