November 21, 2013

An interview with Robyn Sue Fisher

Robyn Sue Fisher is the founder of Smitten Ice Cream - maker of new old-fashioned ice cream. The interview is from 2013. 

Lessons learned
  • People who are working hard tend to continue to work with whatever they are working with because they are busy so they have no time to think what they really want to do.
  • Robyn Sue Fisher studied a college course in entrepreneurship where she decided to focus on ice cream because she really liked ice cream. 
  • With liquid nitrogen, Robyn Sue Fisher discovered that freezing ice cream at super low temperatures could create a smoother product. With a rapid freezing cycle, she could make ice cream to order, without compromising taste for shelf-life.
  • It took two years to develop the process of making ice cream with liquid nitrogen, including the machine called Kelvin. She funded it with her own money.
  • They currently have two ice cream shops in the San Francisco area and have plans to open two more. But in the beginning, Robyn Sue Fisher used a small cart powered with batteries. Neither did she mention her Stanford degree when networking among other street food businesses.
  • Robyn Sue Fisher argued that it's important to grow carefully to not lose quality of the product and recruit people who have passion. 

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