November 16, 2013

An interview with Sahil Lavingia

Sahil Lavingia (his twitter) used to work at Pinterest but is currently working with his first startup: Gumroad. The company enables creators to earn a living by selling what they make with the same ease as if they had shared it through Twitter. This interview is from 2012.  

Lessons learned
  • He dropped out from college after the first semester to work for different startups - he felt he could always return to school if it in the future would be needed. His first project was an app for the iPhone (he's young...) and it took him 3 days to build it. What he also realized was that he could make money from the app during the rest of his life since it didn't need any maintenance and no matter how many people would download the app, it would still take him the same amount of time to develop it.  
  • Don't postpone the hard conversations - you will feel like a weight has lifted from your shoulders if you do them at once.   

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