March 23, 2014

An interview with David Byttow

Before David Byttow (his Twitter) co-founded the company Secret (and became the CEO of the company), he was an engineer at Google, Medium, and Square.

Lessons learned
  • He got the job at Google despite the fact that he didn't have a college degree - but he had been coding since he was very young. He thought he got the job at Google because the company missed that he didn't have a degree. So one important lesson is that you should always try even if the odds are against you. People tend to say, "Hey, I will not get a job at Google because I don't have a college degree, so there's no point to apply for a job."
  • He was inspired by Jack Dorsey, who had founded both Twitter and Square, and the idea of building his own company, and that's why he decided to co-found a company. He found some co-worker who wanted to do the same, but they didn't have an idea and no money. So David Byttow sold everything he could, including his car and bike.   

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