July 24, 2014

Why Tesla sells so many electric cars

Let's say that you would like to buy an electric car. What technical specifications would you be interested in when you are looking for one? I would like to know the speed, the range, the price, and how many passengers it can take. If you head to Tesla Motors website and would like to find out these specifications, it will be easy to find them. See for yourself here: teslamotors.com/models

But other car manufacturers are not as good at telling you these basic facts. One other electric car is Fiat 500e. This is a screenshot from their website:

So why should we buy the Fiat 500e? Because the "EPA Estimated Fuel Consumption Rate of 29 Kilowatt Hours (kWh) Per 100 Miles+," or the "147 LB-FT (200 Nm) of Torque and 111-HP (83 kW) Electric-Drive Motor." Why do we need to know these facts? There's not a single line about the speed or the range! So it's not strange Fiat sold 645 cars in 2013 while Tesla sold more than 20 000 cars. Other electric car manufacturers are a little bit better than Fiat, but you still have spend time to find the information you need.